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750ML -
5 Litre Refill


Aeris Active™ is an innovative disinfectant effective against Coronavirus developed and made in Australia. It is non-toxic and its unique formula continues to kill bacteria for up to 7 days or 200 touches from application.


Aeris Active™ is compatible with the vast majority of both natural and synthetic surfaces prone to microbial colonisation.

Aeris Active™ helps long-term microbial control with its patented quat-polymer invisible protective film, ensuring that your surfaces remain germ-free for longer. The film does not impact how the surface is used at all but continues to fight germs for up to 7 days or 200 touches.

    HACCP approved, certified as suitable for cleaning and sanitising food and beverage equipment.
  • Independent testing confirmed effectiveness against Coronavirus
  • Complete viral kill of Herpes Simplex Type 1, Polio Virus, Gastroenteritis, Norovirus and Influenza
  • Inhibition against S.Aureus and E.Coli
  • Compliant with hospital grade disinfectant
  • 750ml spray bottles.
  • 5 Litre bulk container


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