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Sanitary facilities are known for unpleasant odours, infectious micro-organisms, mould and other harmful impurities as well as harsh fumes from chemical cleaners and fragrance dispensers.

Manual cleaning is only a temporary solution while scenting can be an expensive and high maintenance option while still not combating the source of the problem.


BioZone reduces odours, viruses, fumes and other impurities in the air and on surfaces and excels in even the most challenging environments, such as highly trafficked areas, where other odour and hygiene control methods fail and are easy to install and requires minimal annual maintenance

    Eliminate odors, smoke, and chemicals
  • Reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, and other micro-contaminants
  • Industrial strength – a serious solution for serious problems
  • Portable or fixed installations
  • Programmable timer in 10 minute increments or continuous use
  • Intended for use in unoccupied spaces
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Maintenance free – requires simple annual UV Lamp replacement(s)


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