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Air Purifier


PR UNIT is a chemical free portable air and surface purifier that eliminates odours, bacteria and mould. The unit is easily carried around and used when and where needed.


PR is designed specifically for small degree of pollution, the appropriate area office and home environments, indoor air pollution can effectively solve the following problem:

– Volatile organic compounds (VOC): building decoration materials and furniture pollution (including formaldehyde and benzene, etc.), chemicals volatile matter (such as pesticides, chemical cleaning agents), cigarette combustion products and all kinds of garbage The volatile components;

– Microorganisms: the air and surfaces of bacteria, viruses, fungi and the like;

– Odour: food odours, smoke, pet odours, etc;

    Portable Infrared Remote Controller
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Timer with 4-Level time selection
  • Status lights on the unit showing power, lamp operations, communications
    and lamp replacement
  • Low level energy use
  • Low maintenance


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